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The old Theatre Circus or Plaza de La Serrezuela, nestled in the heart of Cartagena´s historic San Diego neighborhood, has been completely refurbished and given a new life as Cartagena´s cultural, commercial, entertainment and gastronomic center.


    Malva • Fashion • Footwear • Perfumes • Decor

    Shopping in this architectural gem within the historic district of Cartagena is a truly unforgettable experience. The shops surrounding the plaza offer visitors a unique experience, where not only can they choose from a wide selection of different products but they can also enjoy a variety of events, exhibitions and activities highlighting local Caribbean culture.   The architectural language complements the design of the entire structure, providing a stunning visual effect. There is ample access to the plaza from the surrounding area, with open-air terraces and beautiful views of Chambacú, where green mangroves are mirrored by the blue waters with the imposing Castle of San Felipe rising in the background.


      Tentadero • Bars • Coffee Shops • Restaurants

      La Serrezuela offers an unparalleled array of culinary delights. The wide selection makes this place the best option in the historic centre of Cartagena to enjoy a unique gastronomic experience, complemented by views of the city walls, the Popa, San Felipe Castle and the Caribbean Sea.


        Art • Theatre • Music

        Visitors to La Serrezuela find themselves embraced by an atmosphere in which culture, art, music and entertainment are essential ingredients of its magic. La Serrezuela offers spectacular shows in an iconic building full of history. Enjoy a variety of artistic events with everything required to make it a truly memorable experience.


          The only convention center within the city walls. The La Serrezuela Convention Centre is equipped with the latest technology and has a capacity for 750 people in four interconnected, adaptable rooms.

            EVENTS PLAZA

            The majestic Plaza de La Serrezuela has been completely refurbished and reborn as a cultural space which can comfortably seat 1,900 people. There are 2,900 square meters full of history which act as a backdrop for cultural, folkloric and other artistic events.
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              MEMORABLE EVENTS

              Experience the variety of cultural events that make the heart of Cartagena an artistic mecca.

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              We can host your upcoming business, cultural or private event in our unique architectural monument. Please contact us for more information.

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